Copy of Email sent to all members 27/05/14

To all Sociology of Education Thematic Group Members

As the new co-convenors of the TASA Sociology of Education thematic group, we are looking for member ideas, suggestions and/or expressions of interest for plenaries, workshops, or other activities such as setting up a blog or another online presence for the group, and updating our stated Aims & Objectives (follow link above).  We will be meeting in the first week of June 2014 and would like to collate suggestions and decide how to progress our group.  Please find below a list of key dates for 2014.

We look forward to re-invigorating interest in the Sociology of Education at TASA and to respond to the expressed interests and concerns of our members.  The 2014 TASA Conference Organising Committee is looking to run more plenary sessions to better allow thematic groups to profile particular research, delve into certain social developments or carry out particular initiatives.  At present we have interest in possible plenary sessions relating to ‘neoliberalism, education and the shaping of social identity’; ‘digital media and platforms for communication’; and a third in ‘diversity and teacher education’.  Other proposed topics, or suggestions are welcome.

We welcome your revived interest and input into this group.  Please send expressions of interest, ideas, suggestions or queries to: Annabelle.Leve@gmail.com preferably before June 4 so that we can compile these and provide an up-date for members’ consideration by mid-June 2014.


Annabelle Leve, Shaun Rawolle, and Parlo Singh

TASA Sociology of Education SIG Co-convenors 2014



June 4                                   Meeting of Sociology of Education SIG Co-convenors

June 15                                 Plenary Session Expressions of Interest to Brad West (TASA)

May 7    –  August 29        Abstract Submission

May 7    – July 25                Full Paper Submission

September 12                   Notification of Acceptance of Abstracts & Papers

November 7                       Last date for inclusion in final conference program

Nov 24-27                            TASA Conference @ University of South Australia, Adelaide

To submit abstracts/papers, and/or to register for the conference please click here.


One thought on “Email request for contributions 1

  1. I am interested in exploring the possibility of developing a plenary exploring the relation between neoliberalism and education. A colleague of mine from Anglian Ruskin University, Prof Dave Hill, is coming out to Australia at the time of the conference. He is very interested in contributing to such a plenary. Dave is well known internationally in the field of Marxism and Education. He would bring a European perspective on neoliberal austerity and it’s implications for education. I’d be tempted to contribute as well. My interests settle around the political economy of neoliberalism and the idea of Marx as a revolutionary educator.
    So, all this is pretty open ended with lots of space for development. Anyone interested in exploring further? Ideas?


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