Timely discussions about HE…

BSA Bourdieu Study Group

On Tuesday 8th of July 2014, the BSA Bourdieu Study Group hosted an event at Cardiff University on inequalities and reproduction in higher education (HE). The event was entitled ‘Are Elite Universities Meritocratic?’ – yes, we know it’s an oxymoron. The event brought together two highly regarded scholars in the field who delivered keynote talks – Professor Diane Reay and Dr Vikki Boliver – as well as an expert panel to debate ‘fair’ access in HE consisting of; Professor David James (Cardiff University), Professor Harriet Bradley (University of West of England) and Mr Richard Smith (Higher Education Funding Council for England – HEFCE).


Dr Vikki Boliver’s keynote talk on ‘meritocracy’ and ‘fairness’ in elite university admissions debunked the rhetoric that school attainment is the biggest barrier for elite university entry for ethnic minority applicants, arguing that students from ethnic minority backgrounds with good grades are still less likely…

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