DSC_0111I couldn’t remember my password/s. I couldn’t find time. I couldn’t rationalise ‘playing’ on this site instead of doing my marking/teaching/planning. I don’t want to publicise this site because it is not ready yet. I want to have help with setting up basic functions but don’t know who to ask. I find hours go by with experiments but with nothing to show for it. I couldn’t find time? I couldn’t rationalise my time… I want contributions to this blog to respond to but too ashamed to add any more of my own.
Anyway, I don’t have time. I get paid by the hour that I work. I work three hours and then claim for one because it shouldn’t take me that long to read and provide adequate feedback for student work. Which means I don’t have time to explore what’s out there let alone comment on it. And then of course, I just can’t find the time when my children or my housework don’t need my attention. Truth is, I don’t have the time.
But, I will find it. Don’t give up on me, I will.
(More to come … when I find some time …) Soon. 😉  It’s not over yet!

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