final 2014 TASA Conference Daily Program (This is the one page overview)

FINAL Concession Sessions 4 Nov (This is the full papers program)

FINAL Education Sessions 4 Nov (These are the papers in the Sociology of Education stream)

 As yet, we still do not have chairs (as in the human ones) for our sessions.  Please email me on annabelle.leve@gmail.com if you are able to volunteer, or hunt me down in Adelaide.  I am very much looking forward to meeting all of the attendees, and in particular, those who are part of the Sociology of Education group – I know you’re out there, just not engaging yet on this site.  I know someone reads these posts, so please, feel free to join in or initiate new, conversation/s.  

What do you think about the topics/themes we have?  What do you see as being absent?  What themes would you like to have on the agenda?  What are the burning issues in Sociology of Education at the current time?  What is it that brings us together, or separates us in this important thematic area?  What do we have in common? 



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