Raises issues that are clearly being considered inside and outside the US academe, white sensitivity, black activism, variations of freedoms. I’d like to know, do we in Australia have our own version of this type of discourse? I try to, with my students, through my teaching, behind closed doors – but I don’t need to worry, no one is trying to knock them down to see what is happening in my pre-service teacher classrooms. Just Annabelle on another rant… So there is the time factor, the interest factor (who follows my blogs/tweets/posts, let alone makes comment!) and will it help me get secure employment / be noticed by my peers / be recognised by my institution? I’m working on our good Lourde’s words (thanks Dr Grollman) ‘[y]our silence will not protect you” … even if it does seem to get you more secure work than noisy ol’ me. Anyway, a worthwhile read with many useful hyperlinks.

Conditionally Accepted


“One day,” the tenure-obsessed mindset suggests, “I’ll be able to speak freely, pursue controversial projects, and teach on controversial subjects.”  Successful completion of the seven-year-long probationary period will offer me the ultimate goal for any scholar: academic freedom.  As I finish my second year in a tenure-track position at University of Richmond, I already feel underwhelmed with what tenure supposedly offers to my life.

I say that I am underwhelmed with my future tenured life for two reasons.  The first, which I have written about before, is that I am tired of waiting for the day when I can finally be the academic I want to be.  I don’t know that I’ll come out of the other end of the tenure-track in one piece if I keep prioritizing success by mainstream standards over authenticity, my values and identities, my health and well-being, and my happiness.


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