We are currently making plans for coming together in Cairns, and hope that you are as excited about this opportunity as we are!   We will soon make contact with all of those on the TASA Sociology of Education mailing list and would certainly welcome any ideas/proposals or linked papers so we can facilitate meaningful and productive dialogue in relation to the many challenges for education in the current ‘neoliberal’ milieu .

Please get those abstracts written, papers prepared, get in contact and keep an eye out for more news to come!

See recent correspondence:   Dear members of TASA Sociology of Education group (sent to members 23/07/15, updated version)

*Please note, my apologies for leaving Shaun Rawolle, our other co-convener off this original correspondence.

Contact details:  Parlo Singh parlo.singh@griffith.edu.au, Shaun Rawolle shaun.rawolle@deakin.edu.au and Annabelle Leve annabelle.leve@gmail.com

Neoliberalism and Contemporary Challenges for the Asia-Pacific 23 – 26 November, Cairns Hosted by The Cairns Institute & the College of Arts, Society & Education at James Cook University


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