All looking very exciting for the conference (Nov 23-26) this year.  We have 19 excellent papers, spread over 4 sessions.  We have sorted these into themes as follows:

  • Discourses of Neoliberalism and Neoliberal Subjects (Tues)
  • Neoliberalism , Ethnicity and Race  (Wed)
  • Neoliberalism and Global Flows of Knowledge/Education (Wed)
  • Neoliberalism and Public Pedagogies (Thur)

All those who have submitted abstracts that have been confirmed (you should all have received an acceptance letter from TASA Admin) will receive feedback and suggestions to help develop their papers – these will be emailed to you directly by this weekend (26-7 Sep).  Please contact me if you have not received this by Monday 28/9 on annabelle.leve@gmail.com  We hope this will help people to think further about the what and how of their presentations, and connections with the overall themes.

Earlybird Registration closes on Friday 2 October 2012. If you have not registered by 23 October, your paper will be removed from the program. We [TASA Admin] ask that anyone planning to register for a single day wait to register until the draft schedule is released in late September.       Register now through this link.

More details to follow!

Abstract Submission


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