PhD Scholarship – Teacher Professional Learning

Griffith University is offering a PhD scholarship that is attached to an Australian Research Council Discovery project, titled ‘Learning for Teaching in Disadvantaged Schools’. The scholarship will be in the following research areas:

  • Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy Theory and Development
  • Education Policy.

Project Chief Investigator
Professor Parlo Singh

School of Education and Professional Studies (Mt Gravatt campus)

Research Centre
Griffith Institute for Educational Research (Mt Gravatt campus)

Research Project
The effective diagnosis of student learning difficulties and the design of educational interventions based on such diagnosis is a core component of quality teaching. This project explores how co-inquiry models help primary school teachers, particularly those working in schools serving high poverty communities to improve their classroom practices.

It seeks to understand how engagement in professional learning conversations and peer observation of teaching/classroom practices enables teachers to become learners of their own teaching. It also examines how school leadership teams facilitate the adoption of co-inquiry approaches for sustained improvements in student literacy learning.

The scholarship offers the opportunity to engage with experienced researchers and contribute to conceptual work in the sociology of curriculum, pedagogy and evaluation, as well as global policy studies on teaching quality in high poverty school communities.

The Scholarship
The Griffith University Postgraduate Research Scholarship being offered includes a tax-free living allowance of $26,288 per annum (2016 rate, indexed annually) for a period of up to three years full-time. Find out more about scholarship conditions on the Griffith University higher degree research scholarship website.

The scholarship may be held for up to three years for a doctoral program. A six month extension may be granted to doctoral candidates in certain circumstances.

Applicants must fulfill the criteria for PhD Admission and Scholarship at Griffith University.The scholarship is available to applicants who are:

  • international students
  • Australian citizens
  • New Zealand citizens
  • Australian permanent residents.

International applicants and New Zealand permanent residents who receive an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) are also eligible to apply for the scholarship. Applicants must have completed, or expect to complete, a bachelors degree with honours equivalent to first class and be intending to enrol full-time in an approved doctoral program.

Equivalency to first class honours may be demonstrated through:

  • refereed journal publications (or acceptance for publication)
  • referred conference paper presented and written as first author
  • evidence of other research output such as a book, book chapter, creative work or performances
  • evidence of any research income, awards, professional experience, etc.

Candidates with a foundation in the social sciences would be most appropriate for this position. Highly desired knowledge and skills will include:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research skills
  • Experience working in disadvantaged communities
  • A conceptual background in the sociology of curriculum, pedagogy and evaluation, and global policy studies on teaching quality would be preferred
  • Primary school teaching experience and current teacher registration to work in Queensland schools.

How to apply
Submit an expression of interest to Griffith University by 5.00pm, Monday 4 April 2016.

Submission details

  1. Submit your curriculum vitae (CV), academic record, and a brief statement highlighting how you would be a suitable applicant for this scholarship. Email: L4T-ARC@griffith.edu.au
  2. Submit a 1,000-word research proposal to demonstrate your understanding and interpretation of the research project. Email: L4T-ARC@griffith.edu.au
Dr Jill Ryan
Project Officer, ARC Discovery-Learning for Teaching
Phone: 07 373 51034
Email: L4T-ARC@griffith.edu.au
Professor Parlo Singh, Chief Investigator, ARC Discovery-Learning for Teaching
Phone: 07 373 51833
Email: L4T-ARC@griffith.edu

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