I’ve loved setting up this site and learning how to use WordPress, and get a few messages out that I wanted to share.  Stats inform me that people from around the world do look at these pages, that people do follow, and do open posts (do they read them?  we’ll never know).  But unfortunately, on the whole, people do not respond, reciprocate or collaborate and that has been (quietly) immensely disappointing.   But then again, I have no shame and will often respond to something that gets my blood boiling (so nothing I say boils blood, or is it that I’m an oddity for even responding at all?).

I have no idea.  But I’ve let my TASA membership lapse, I’ve quit my university non-position (you can’t really ‘quit’ when you’re never really employed beyond casually) and I’m moving on.  Out and on … I’d love you to join me on my new very own self-titled blog https://wordpress.com/abelspace.wordpress.com  through which I will keep a record of my new adventures working with teacher educators in Laos, and my escape from the perils of academia (or will I?).  Stay tuned (just not on this site…) Adieu…







2 thoughts on “Adieu. It’s been a blast!

  1. Thank you Annabelle, I have enjoyed your posts but (shamefully) I have rarely posted back.I look forward to following your future adventures. All the best for the future


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