We are looking to update the following information provided on the TASA homepage to suit current members’ interests and needs.

TASA Thematic Group Homepage

Sociology of Education

Aims and Objectives:

  • To network researchers interested in the sociology of education and stimulate debate and discussion
  • To pursue opportunities for advancing sociological analysis of education and sociology of education in broad terms encompassing issues such as:

– development;
– diversity and equity issues;
– education for sustainability;
– citizenship;
– family/school relationships
– globalisation;
– governance,
– learning communities and networks;
– internationalisation;
– lifelong learning;
– pedagogy;
– sociology of the curriculum;
– school and school system as a social institution;
– teachers and teacher organization;
– workplace learning;
– theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches to the sociology of education;

  • To meet initially once yearly at the annual TASA conference to share research and study interests;
  • To build a network of researchers as a resource for developing a stronger profile of research and research training in sociology of education;
  • To encourage and support postgraduates and early career researchers in the sociology of education; and
  • To provide a basis for streams on the sociology of education at TASA conferences

Year Established:

June 2009

Conveners and Contact Details:

Parlo Singh – Griffith University
Shaun Rawolle – Deakin University
Annabelle Leve – Various universities





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