Often people have an informed interest in particular areas – theories, theorists and themes (ah don’t you love alliteration – theses, thematic groups, thirst for knowledge…) but you may be like me – not having had the support or opportunity to publish or work with peers that have shared interests.  Or perhaps you are working and/or publishing in a particular area and would like to link with others with shared interests.  I would like to think of this site as one to bring together these people, to share resources and to start conversations.  I envisage a collation of headings/pages that each contain an area for shared resources, a list of people interested in networking, and an ongoing discussion space.

Some steps to take ….

  1. First I need to work out how to set up this site properly!
  2. To collate the theories/theorists/themes of interest to readers/contributors – (See form below)
  3. To encourage people to share, to join the conversations, and maintain an interest.

Happy for any ideas/contributions and most of all, participation!

Cheers, Annabelle Leve


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